Mid America North

Tryout Update: Tryouts Will be Held August 30th. Grand Park Illinois Turf Fields. 11am-6pm.

Join the best high school lacrosse players vying to make the Mid America North National All Star Games Lacrosse Team. Tryouts for the National All Star Games in northern Middle America will decide the best lacrosse talent to represent their home region in the national event.

Mid America North Coaches

Final Team Roster will post here.

To accept your spot please register on links provided on this page. Additional fee applies.

2021 Coaches:

Matt Lee, Resolute Lacrosse

Reid Wesley, L4 Lacrosse

Bryan Seaman, Indiana Tech

2022 Coaches:

Anthony Kelly, Resolute Lacrosse

Andy Kay, Project Midwest/Promo

Nate Sprong, St. X

2023 Coaches:

Greg Bice, Resolute Lacrosse

Jake Kenney, Juiced Cherries

Mark Berutich, Midwest Express